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I am looking forward to Beleriand too. I love the feel of both FA and Sil, if you could combine the two it would be something very special. I got a little more excited about it after reading those quotes about Angband you posted recently, I like to imagine these sorts of passages are your design documents.

I think this might be in your plans and has been brought up already, but removing recall would be very appropriate for FA (and Beleriand). FA is all about the journeys, it only seems right that once you pack your bags to head into a dungeon, you won't be returning for a very long time. I've actually tried this in FA recently... It was fun but mainly what I found was that you'd better take a huge stack of cure light wounds when you go because the blindness takes a huge toll on your supplies. I think the best strategy would be to stay in the wilderness for a long time before going to dungeons, which leads me to something else, while I'm here...

Current FA wilderness could stand to be a little less lucrative. This is perhaps because of hard mode, but there is a large disparity in the rewards for risk comparing wilderness vs dungeons with hard mode. Exploring and enjoying the wilderness is important, but I think it could be toned down a bit.
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