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Originally Posted by clouded View Post
I am looking forward to Beleriand too. I love the feel of both FA and Sil, if you could combine the two it would be something very special. I got a little more excited about it after reading those quotes about Angband you posted recently, I like to imagine these sorts of passages are your design documents.
That combination is roughly what I'm after. And these sorts of passages are precisely design documents - that's very well put. Here's another example, from 'Children of Húrin':
For Húrin's house stood in the south-east of Dor-lómin, and the mountains were near; Nen Lalaith indeed came down from a spring under the shadow of Amon Darthir, over whose shoulder there was a steep pass. By this the hardy could cross Ered Wethrin and come down by the wells of Glithui into Beleriand. But this was not known to the Easterlings, nor to Morgoth yet; for all that country, while the House of Fingolfin stood, was secure from him, and none of his servants had ever come there. He trusted that Ered Wethrin was a wall insurmountable, both against escape from the north and against assault from the south; and there was indeed no other pass, for the unwinged, between Serech and far westward where Dor-lómin marched with Nevrast.
Originally Posted by clouded View Post
I think this might be in your plans and has been brought up already, but removing recall would be very appropriate for FA (and Beleriand). FA is all about the journeys, it only seems right that once you pack your bags to head into a dungeon, you won't be returning for a very long time.
There will certainly be no recall in Beleriand. At this stage, I'm considering FA as still closer to Angband as a game - it makes it easier for me to be revolutionary with Beleriand if I'm not throwing too much away from FA. But we'll see.

Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Current FA wilderness could stand to be a little less lucrative. This is perhaps because of hard mode, but there is a large disparity in the rewards for risk comparing wilderness vs dungeons with hard mode. Exploring and enjoying the wilderness is important, but I think it could be toned down a bit.
Good point. I've gone the other direction, though, and added 5 to the average level of wilderness monsters in hard mode

I had planned to get back to development in a big way soon, and this thread has hurried me up. The plan is to get FA reasonably bugfixed, put out 1.3.3, and then start on Beleriand again.
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