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I've had two instadeaths in ZAngband:

1. One of my first games, I was a beginner. About 400' deep I found a pit. I open the door and see a room full of swords! My first thought was, even if they are all average swords I will make a lot of money here! Next step and to my surprise I see a tombstone, killed by Death Sword. I didn't knew anything about mimics then.
2. It was my first strong char. I was feeling invicible going through deep dungeon levels close to game end and then suddenly I was fighting a Cyberdemon. Due to some software bug he did a 800 damage with rocket shot (which should have been more like 300). This death wasn't fun for me.

In NPP it's easy to die without free action on early levels. That was my last instadeath - Floating Eye in NPP.
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