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Song of Freedom saves your life, and can in fact do so very often. Locked door and low STR? You don't care. Webs? Not entirely crippling for you. It can entirely replace Leaping in your build, since it deals with pits and chasms just fine. It is also a perfectly fine replacement for a shovel, since it kills rubble. You will still want a Horn of Blasting or something, but it is a very nice utility song. It also detraps and unlocks chests, which can otherwise be a total pain. Don't quote me on this, but I think it also gives Free Action type bonuses.

It looks underwhelming on paper, since all it does is substitute for str/FA/perception/leaping, but it substitutes for all of those, and does so perfectly adequately. The cost is not exactly ideal for someone who wants to run Sharpness/Slaying for Morgoth, because you will likely also want Trees, and I think Freedom has Elbereth as a prereq, and suddenly you're running 7 or so abilities in the Song tree. I suspect those are the main reasons it doesn't see too much use.

In general, though, I suspect you focus a bit too much on abilities that don't see much use. With some, like Throwing Mastery, they are genuinely pretty much useless, but others are used, just in niche builds.
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