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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
That's great. I'm now considering getting an Android tablet just for this
I find that, surprisingly enough, tablets seem to play less nicely than normal phones do. This is mostly because the size of the screen makes it hard to hit the keys comfortably. (Since you have to move your hands to hit a lot of them as opposed to being able to use them all with one hand)

Phones are weird because the size of them means that hitting any key on the keyboard isn't actually that difficult. (Like, it's about the same difference as typing on a phone instead of a computer; which people do a lot) So if you can get the directions and some of the more commonly-used special characters on the screen in a place where it's as easy to press as the keyboard keys, I find that it's surprisingly usable.

I tried on a tablet too, but all the extra distance my hands had to move to do things like movement and the fact that there wasn't a consistent way to hold it to do that means that an external keyboard was significantly more comfortable in my case.
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