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Originally Posted by ThatFishNemo View Post
Unsure if its a bug or not, but in a real sense, anyone with that many personalities bottled up in their head at once isn't going to be doing well reading a book, not to even talk about going into actual combat.
@Nemo. 16 out of 19 of us agree with you. Fearless Guy says "Bring it on! Nothing scares me", Lazy Guy is asleep on the couch again, and Chaotic Guy keeps screaming "Embrace the Horror!"

@Sideways. Serious questions about how personality modifications are handled for Split personality characters.
1. Are personality stat modifications reset to zero before calculating the modifications for the new personality mix, or are they added on top of the previous stat modifications?
2. In addition to the stat modifications for the dominant personality, are all, some, or none of the stat modifications for the partially suppressed personalities also applied?
3. If fractional stat modifications are used for partially suppressed personalities and then rounded off, is it possible that "rounding off" over the course of 60 personality changes has resulted in the overall stat drain experienced with this character?
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