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So, please could you post your .prf? The Linux equivalent is ~/.angband/Xygos/x11-settings.prf. I don't know where they are kept on MacOS.
The contents of ~/Documents/Angband/window.prf are attached as window.txt . The ~/Documents/Xygos directory (where the Mac front end would tell Xygos to place user files) doesn't have a window.prf. For Angband, the size and placement for the active subwindows are stored by the Mac front end in ~/Library/Preferences/ . The human-readable form of that (generated with "plutil -p file") is attached as angband-pref.txt. It says I've got subwindows 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 open by default.

src/Makefile.osx in Xygos uses the same setting for BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER as Angband does (i.e. org.rephial.angband). That is why the Mac front-end preferences are shared. Changing that would keep them separate.
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