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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
I'm holding off on the update until later because I want to abuse having five forges while I still can.
Haha. That's fair.

I'm contemplating how best to rebalance smithing. Choosing what to forge is fun. Ideal would be a situation where every extra few points bought you a little extra utility, but there was no tipping point into Deadly Whirling Sword of Death. That said, the versatility by itself always leaves the skill in danger of turning overpowered.

As it stands it seems like the first things you make can easily exceed the drops you have available at floor 100, but by the time you find your next forge you don't necessarily have XP available to pump more Smithing points, and gaining a couple of points may not be enough to let you smith better gear than the loot you've gathered on your way down anyway. Guaranteed forges make this calculation a little easier, but I think there's still more needing done to solve the problem.
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