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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Would it make sense for traps to only be triggerable once? So you can walk around the trap, or try to disarm it, or just blunder into it and take your licks?
Certainly at the early levels. At the later depths, I have no real qualms to some magic trap dropping 100 points of mana storm a few times, if @ doesn't get the message the first time.

Originally Posted by Ramelandil View Post
I do see the objection to having monsters fall prey to traps they might themselves have laid. However, while it's been a long time since I read Tolkien's non-LotR works, I don't recall Morgoth's servants being any less fractious than Sauron's. Therefore, I find it plausible that the left hand might be ignorant of the right hand's traps. .
I have no problem with monsters native to the level avoiding traps. However, there is no reason a summoned critter should know the traps are there, though presumably, powerful critters (dragons, etc) would sense and avoid/neutralize/whatever.

But we do have cases where monsters don't co-operate. Had a situation where some unique summoned nasties. Can't remember the details, but the summoned critter breathed on the summoner, softening the unique up a little to allow @ to collect a few easy XP. So yeah, that summoned nasty ought to blunder into a trap or two....
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