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DM shows some black orcs, some master yeeks .. nothing worth mentioning. I'm probably OOD to them, because i could be around DL30 right now, but i still have no Free Action, no See Invisible, and there's a ton of other goodies i could wish for.

I grab two new wands and a staff, and massacre the orcs. There's a huddle of uruks up ahead, that's my next target.

Once i'm in the uruk room, i start to unleash fire bolts, and kill most of them. I didnt notice Lugdush is also there, and i dont want to use my consumables, so i TS with plenty of mana and HP to spare, and then rest.
I see a room with some elven priests, some air hounds .. i know i will get blinded and so i dig a corridor with S2M, taking care to rest every couple castings. And i break into the room and i get blinded, but a quick CLW and i'm back to unleashing acidic hell on the mobs. The same happens to a bunch of uruks next door.
Time to go kill Lugdush. A quick zap of TL reveals a huge pile of treasure up ahead, but the level feeling is 5-3 so i'm not expecting much. Once next to the treasure, i DM and see Shagrat .. 300 Xp. cool.

I S2M a tunnel to nuke him, and when i breach into the micro-vault the 2 fire hounds in it burn up 2 unknown scrolls. Shegrat goes down easy.
I find a couple magical weapons i want to sell, so i try to make room in my inventory by reading to ID a scroll .. it's a enchant armor scroll. i casually enchant my .. gauntlets???

I hit myself on the head really hard.

Looks like i was wearing these just as a way to carry them to town, and forgot to take them off.
My mana jumps to 157 SP. This is why Angband is just too complicated for the average human being to notice everything.

Anyway, let's go murder that orc dude. There is nothing between me and him, so i just mercilessly nuke him with acid bolt. I find a ring of damage which i cannot use, and a wand.
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