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last recall for the night, DL26:

i recall in an empty room, and DM a shambling mound and some wolves.
I move along a corridor to the other side of the map, and find only some more wolves, but the level feeling comes back as 6-$ .. cha-ching!

I quaff my second and last !Enlight, and see a very small level (10 rooms) with one small vault. There's almost no mobs, so there must be a dragon in the vault. I have a wand of TO. excellent.

I make my way there. I am reminded that i do not have See Invisible, when something invisible drains my life. I TS and find myself in the other side of the map, where i kill a ranger and his summons, which include a hydra.

I head to the vault from the other side, and a fire vortex decides to burn my only copy of mage1. What's most annoying is that now my Fire Bolt keymap no longer works.

I find a new rod, and a second ring of Escaping .. i have now base speed +8.
In the vault, i see a Star. cool. There's some algoroths in there, but nothing i shouldn't be able to nuke with acid bolt. I walk in, nuke the algoroths .. and level up.
CL26, 171 HP, 170 SP. I quaff a stat potion, but unfortunately it's a potion of Contemplation, and i lose a point of STR. Oh well .. at least, the Star is a +3 light, (+8, +7) item which will be great if i ever take off my rings of Escaping.

time to call it a day for today.
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