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Originally Posted by Justin Z View Post
Well, now I'm completely stumped, as I went to the trouble of creating a new font file from DosLike using Softy in a Windows XP virtual machine . . . 4.0.5 STILL doesn't like it. I wonder what the hell I'm doing to break the font.
  • Did you change the dpi?
  • Did you try running 4.0.5 with the new font in the XP VM?
  • It may be that Windows 10 has introduced some other incompatibility
  • FAangband (current version or 1.1.6) might do some things differently, if you're experimenting it might be worth looking at how well they work
  • I really don't think I changed anything to do with fonts going from 3.5 to 4.0

I have spent quite a bit of time struggling with Windows fonts over the years, and sometimes just had to give up and hope someone else fixed it. Not to discourage you
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