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I'm currently using the text documents in one of the game folders, painting the tiles after them, naming the files by the numbers in the documents (N1,N2 and so on". But once done, I would appreciate help putting them together in their respective places on the tilemap.
As long as your naming scheme is consistent (N1=filthy street urchin, N2=Scrawny cat, etc...) then it is trivial to write a program that will paste your images into the tilemap at the appropriate locations. Just let me (or any other volunteer) know when you're ready.

There's no easy way of identifying what is what in the current 32x32 tileset in Angband is there? Is there a list of tileset coords with matching names for everything?
I have a tile-picker application that I wrote for Cryptband which should easily be adapted to this task. It's .Net, so not very useful for Linux users (haven't tried it with Mono). I'll see what I can do in the next few days... Angband needs something like this anyway.
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