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Just simply having an escape route (or rather *multiple* escape routes) is a crucial skill to learn. Early on, this means scrolls of phase door, and means of *reliable* teleport. It's also useful to carry around other things that can get you out of sticky situations. For instance, once you start running into things that blind and confuse, start carrying potions of CCW and CSW. When you get surrounded by light hounds and that umber hulk is pounding on you, don't panic, just quaff a !ofCCW, use your staff of teleportation, and your safe again. No worries! Another useful one is a wand of teleport other for getting rid of dangerous uniques and out-of-depth dangerous monsters.

The point is, just be prepared, so that you can make sure that when you get in a sticky situation, you have a way out. Then, the only thing that can kill you is simply not paying attention.
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