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Every book read permanently snags an additional inventory slot. Beyond that, the book itself must also be carried, meaning every book takes up two full slots.
With the new release (0.6.6), I reduced the study slots from the number of books read to one third of that number. I did not remove it entirely, because this way provides an incentive for specialization. This may be changed again, depending upon how it works out.

This is highly inconveniencing for both early game loot sifting and late game inv loadouts. But, I've noticed something after looking at the character ladder. Many of the top characters are mages, yet they appear to have found a workaround for the inventory sapping, and carry a multitude of spellbooks along with a normal amount of additional equipment.

Is this a feature of earlier version of Unangband? Or have they found some sort of exploit in the code or within the game itself?
I don't know. I took over development from Andrew Doull in October 2016. It's possible either way.

I thought Unangband had bags, but they may be buggy
There are magic bags, and up until recently they were slightly buggy. I fixed the bug that was common with them (it was a segfault from accessing memory that was locally allocated and then went out of scope). I do not know if there are any other bugs regarding the bags.
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