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Originally Posted by Lord Fell View Post
On a different note (and maybe I should start a different thread for this?) I did download 3.1.2v2, but I don't see the option for solid walls. 3.0.9b uses. I find the # and % walls to be really hard on my eyes after playing with the solid block walls for so long -is there an option to use solid?
For some reason font.prf from the lib\pref excludes font-win.prf.

Just remove the # in font.prf

#?:[EQU $SYS win]

I also changed permanent rock color from ugly red to steel-blue in font-win.prf

# Permanent rock (dark red : solid block)

F:60:4:127 -> F:60:26:127
F:61:4:127 -> F:61:26:127
F:62:4:127 -> F:62:26:127
F:63:4:127 -> F:63:26:127

And removed comments from centered dots in beginning of the settings.
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