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[3.30] good work

Good job everyone, who has contributed to this new version!

Cool improvements i noticed:
- stat modifier have <> brackets
- the extra race/class information in the birth process
- the [U] marker for uniques in the monster list
- enchant scrolls no longer available in stores, makes low-level rangers interesting again
- the target selection marker

A few questions tho:
- what are randarts? (randomized artefacts?)
- there is no help file for the character display screen, i think after pressing ? there could be a file that covers this section. (explaining the different damage types and how resistance and protection works, explaining the abreviations used there, what the device skill shows and some other stuff) [i would be willing to write such a file, if anyone wants one give me a wink]
- the windows main window says under help "Use the online help files instead". Which files are the online help files, the ones available in game via '?', or some others on the net?
- What was the intention for introducing labyrinth levels? I have encountered a handfull now and for me they feel somewhat out-of-place. They differ rather much from the standard dungeon style. Do they serve a certain goal or are they just good to see if the borg AI can find a way through them?

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