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*band variant Feature Suggestion Poll/Feedback thread

I started this for vanilla and variants over here but on second thoughts variant suggestions should be in the variants forum so I'm starting one here as well.

What would you like to see in your favourite *band variant? (and what would you hate to see in it)

Everybody gets three for votes and one against vote per variant (that is you can say what you like about all suggestions but I will only count 3+ 1- towards the total).

VF039 NPP +1 "Rework stealth for rogues." Discuss.

I think rogue stealth should provide bonuses when hiding in cover w/no
light source (= adjacent to walls, behind other monsters, behind (partially)
open doors)
Vote for from originator

VF039 = Variant Feature request 39
NPP = NPPAngband (as per the Angband Code. Could be for NPP, FA, etc.
+1 = Total of 1 vote for this feature.
Vote for (as opposed to vote against) All users have up to three positive and one negative votes per variant.
Discuss. = Link to relevant thread originating feature suggestion (or thread created to discuss suggestion).

You can make one vote for your own feature, the other two (if used) must be for somebody else's feature. If you hate a suggestion vote against it (one vote against allowed per variant).


Vote against VF039

Rogues are too powerful already.


Detailed discussion should probably go in a separate linked individual thread (which I will link to if present). Brief comments (with votes where applicable) can go here. Also note that I will assign to the voting system above support offered in alternative format in this thread. If you disagree with any assignment given please say so.
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