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For some reason I can't figure out, when there is a player ghost present in on a level when somebody is playing on the Mac SO, two extra bytes of data are written to the savefile (either that, or two bytes are not read when loading, I don't remember which) I know where in the load process it goes wrong, and I know how to rescue the savefile. When I re-do how player ghosts in NPP 060 the offending code will be wiped out.

I don't know if you compile yourself, but I can also show you the line of code to change once to allow the savefile to load properly. Or you can send me the broken savefile and I can fix it. The trick is when playing on a mac you can't quit playing when there is a player ghost on the level.

For the sake of the competition, I suppose you could also just delete the player ghost entries from monster.txt. They are fun but not essential to completing the game or the competition.
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