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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I'm still on 4.0.3 and recognized something strange. I started to fight a bunch of sleeping ogres. When I nearly killed a chieftain he started to run away through his friends - who all remained sleeping. This I find quite strange, don't they wake up when someone pushes them past?
I don't know if this was changed in newer versions but looks like a minor thing so maybe not.
There are 2 things that don't make sense here:

1) That a monster is shoved 10 feet and doesn't wake up.

2) That a monster who has a bodyguard doesn't wake the bodyguard up when they get attacked. Defending the chief/unique/etc is the entire reason that they are there.

Both events should be a trigger to wake. In the case of the chief then they should maybe have an action that causes them to wake their guard.
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