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Lost my most promising character to save file issue

Hi everyone. First post here, just made my account. Have been playing Angband for 2 years now. Mostly on v4.0.5 for as long as I can remember.

Last weekend, downloaded v4.1.3 and compiled locally (I am on linux) and did not install. This is the crucial point. Have been playing a Dunadan Warrior (who was doing very well by the way, I found the Trident of Ulmo for the first time ever and was doing serious damage) for the last couple of days. In this period, if I recall correctly, I saved and even shut my computer down in between 2 sessions.

Today, when I run v4.1.3 I get "Savefile is corrupted -- incorrect file header" and it quits. Looking at `~/.angband/Angband/save`, I see a single file which upon examination turns out to be a Half-Troll Warrior (first ever attempt at HT too) that I had just started on v4.0.5.

Now, there are 2 possible causes:
1. Yesterday, before booting up v4.1.3 I opened my default angband v4.0.5 out of habit and quit it back. But most certainly this was before yesterday's Angband session.
2. My system went down due to power failure (happens quite frequently here). As I have lost characters to this before, I make sure to save frequently. On v4.0.5, I have faced times when power went down as I was playing, and upon restarting Angband I am back at the levels Stairs or at the last location I saved (usually after obtaining some ego equipment).

So my questions are:
1. If I did not install angband and ran it as `./src/angband`, where is the savefile stored? Is it in `~/.angband/Angband` or elsewhere? Cursory search did not reveal any other `.angband` directory anywhere.
2. Is it possible that the 2 Angband versions conflicted leading to the clobbering of the savefile?
3. Is it the case that abrupt quits can cause this damage? I don't think that this likely as I have dealt with this many many times with v4.0.5.

PS. Bonus, proof of existence. The only trace of this game and character left is in this screenshot below (attached) that I took day before yesterday. I took this to report a bug here, look at that door's placement.
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