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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
[*]Human, Dunadan: So we have two types of human. Fine. Potentially we could look at having more, or different ones, or reconsidering stat bonuses and abilities.
What I like about the (standard) human race is that is an empty page without experience penalty on it's own. That way the chosen class can evolve more rapidly. I think it would be more interesting to expand on different classes when it comes to the human race. Some more 'technical' class would be nice for instance (good in "craft" (enhancing armor/weapons), manipulating traps, shooting devices, identifying. Intelligent but not able to use the mystical kind of magic only material manipulations.
Such a class would probably be very dwarf-minded too.
Any other kind of class might be nice, although I think vanilla shouldn't have 6 classes of mage, 10 types of warriors, etc. Any possible extra class should be different enough.

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
[*]Dwarf: Basically fine. Possibly we could have more than one type. My main gripe here is stats. Dwarves are skilled at crafts and clever at designing things, but don't necessarily make the best choices - I would expect plusses to INT and DEX and minus to WIS, and they are currently the opposite of these.
Strong, intelligent and dexterous, but not able to use magic in a decent way. I refer to the 'technical' class I mentioned above, where intelligence is used to manipulate armor, weapons. At start just to-hit , damage and AC, but a weapon can be technically manipulated to be more efficient against orcs/trolls/... (slay), be balanced to obtain extra speed or attacks, be sharpened to cut of limbs of enemies, ...
Someone has to make these things, you know!

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
[*]Half Elf: Tolkien makes a big deal of the fact that there were only three unions of Elf and Human (Beren/Luthien, Tuor/Idril, Aragorn/Arwen), but that can be written off as only three prominent ones (especially since he implies that the people of Dol Amroth have elven blood). On the other hand, what is this race actually adding, and would it be better to have another type of elf or human? I'm open to be convinced either way.
I like the human race because what I explained above, but I don't like it's complete lack of infravision. That's why I play a half-elf. I like the idea. I don't like the name. It's a human with Elvish blood, but half-elf is indeed more practical as term.

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
[*]Gnome: Here we have a problem. This is a D&D race with nothing in common with anything in Middle Earth, except in as far as they're derivative of both hobbits and dwarves. Also "gnome" was Tolkien's name for the Noldor for a long time. Need to go.[*]Kobold: Just no.
Yes, gnomes can go.
Kobolds aren't needed either.

However, I actually would like an undead race in the game.
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