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Change Mode

First off, let me say "Hi". I just joined. Anyway I've been playing Angband for about five years but I only recently noticed the "change mode" (h) key when looking at the players attributes. But I'm not sure what it means. It looks like it shows the level of resistances for each item being worn. But beyond that I don't how to interpret the information. An explanation would be appreciated.

Anyway, as I said I've been playing Angband (Vanilla) for about five years. I started with version 3.03 and I'm currently playing 3.06. I've won three times. But for each win, I would say I make about fifty attempts. I'm good with the beginning and middle game but a lot of the time I run into the (proverbial) wall in the end game and just get fed up and then begin another character. My current character is a Gnome Mage, who's doing pretty well. But this time I would like to actually have a *winner* and have no intention of quitting until I do so. Anyway as I said, I just discovered the "change mode" key and I'd like to know how to read what it says. Thank you.
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