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Beta 10 is here! Many player requests are coming true and bugs are squashed!


* bug fix - spellbook doesn't show a second tab if the second class happens to be shaman/sorcerer
* bug fix - prevent using items on worldmap
* bug fix - prevent picking up items when asleep
* bug fix - opposed Move Silently check no longer bugs out; introduced a safeguard against further skill misspellings
* bug fix - detect x spells now work properly
* bug fix - reducing copy&paste errors in descriptions
* bug fix - limit attacks of opportunity to moving away
* bug fix - no more negative skillpoints upon gaining a level
* bug fix - gameplay tab in options is now properly hidden after game starts
* bug fix - Intimidate now works as intended
* bug fix - reduce tojanida AC
* bug fix - hunger now increases on the worldmap
* bug fix - no more Lua error on using Ignizzar's fire spell
* bug fix - sorcerer/shaman spell points now update when gaining a level
* bug fix - more safeguards to visibility detection for log messages
* bug fix - map no longer goes under hotbar
* bug fix - inventory screen no longer closes when doing most stuff
* bug fix - adjust some CRs up, most notably ogres, to reduce early game difficulty
* bug fix - restore log message when killing an NPC
* bug fix - crafting items no longer shows curses as option

* new tiles: fungi, handwraps, monk robes
* new zones: inn; drow outpost, drow metropolis, cave grove, fungi maze, fungi forest; goblin barracks
* new spells: entangle, charm animal, delay poison, longstrider, detect poison, detect magic, shield, protection from alignment, true strike, endure elements, resist energy, protection from energy,
* new NPCs: city seller (can sell from most of the shops defined except armor/weaponsmith and library)
* new magic item properties: minotaur, of physical perfection
* new items: handwraps, monk robes, archmage robes; a lot of consumables (foods, drinks)
* new feats: Arcane Armor Training, Arcane Armor Mastery
* bards now ignore spell failure from light armor
* implement Pick Pockets, Decipher Script skill
* split skills into adventuring and background per PF variant rule
* new variant rule: Pathfinder feats - every two levels instead of every three levels
* implement confused, cowering, dazed, dazzled, deafened, entangled, exhausted, petrified, prone conditions
* darken tiles outside FOV for better differentiation
* implement level map screen
* move mage armor spell to abjuration school
* overhaul nutrition system
* more ways to earn XP - dealing hp damage, making successful skill checks
* items display special requirements
* change potions and drinks ASCII symbols
* change bear endurance, summon creature icons
* implement menu buttons on hotbar, especially useful for spellcasters; skills/spells no longer get auto-added to the bar
* spellbook now shows a pop-up if you can't memorize a spell due to exceeding limits
* spellbook shows school in descriptions
* level up screen is now tabbed instead of using buttons to go to various parts (skills, feats)
* patch Birther class to allow dynamic (i.e. function) descriptions (like talents)
* generate class descriptions procedurally
* shuffled character creation class help to a separate tab
* torches now show the amount of fuel left in them and count down properly; corpses rot (but are not removed properly)
* update help screen to cover switching tiles on/off
* debug create item screen now makes you pick item type first
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