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I don't take stealth usually (just don't have the XP to fit it into my builds), and I don't take stairs back often. Last time I did that was months ago...I just don't like the playstyle that goes along with it (i.e. reshuffling levels at will if the layout isn't to your liking). You miss out artefacts and forges that way too. Might change my mind once I start playing more pacifist builds.

So for creeping horrors, I can kite them around since they're slow, but I can't kite them around forever. I guess I'll just grab at least 3 light and shoot them once every other turn. Or take up polearm mastery if I find a good polearm and kite them out that way (but the odds of find a good polearm are slim to none).

"Creeping horrors are fairly weak so you can kill them even with lower protection."

Are they? They have (+18,3d10) offense...that's basically Delthaur with 2 less melee. [13,2d4] defense isn't all that shabby either. I very rarely melee them so I could be wrong but I thought I'd get demolished in a 1 on 1 melee fight.

"Against acid gauntlets of the forge will survive better then gloves" Didn't know that was the case.

Seems the consensus against fire/cold damage is just resist.

"Dropping flammables to save them seems more risky than just keeping it on you"

I'll do that from now on and see how it goes. I usually have rFire by the time I'm meeting sapphire serpents. And cold breath/damage doesn't affect gear afaik, only potions.
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