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There are better placed people than me to comment, but since nobody seems to be doing so...

Early survival can require a little luck; it's all about getting a certain critical mass of protection and evasion together to survive initial encounters with the enemy. A strategy that's been quite good for me is early Hardiness on a Fingolfin, pumping Evasion about twice as much as Melee for the first few floors. Just took a character like that down to 400 to see what I put into stats compared to your last couple of posts, and his defence block currently reads [13, 5-14] - that's with Evasion 11, Melee 6. I haven't really invested in much besides Precision and Hardiness so far.

You need to know when the current deficiencies in your equipment are going to make a fight hard to win. The Fingolfin doesn't have a shield so far, so I've been largely avoiding getting sucked into prolonged battles with archers. Having a bow and arrows makes fighting crebain and gorcrow less dangerous. In general if you're underequipped it's better to avoid fights until you're in better shape.

Two-handed weapons are usually clearly superior when you have no shield. I found Narsil this run but kept using the 3d6 greatsword I picked up earlier - it was just so much more damage it would have been silly not to.

Don't think in terms of clearing levels. Stairs are places to retreat to. I just came back from 400 after encountering Othrod; he was a little out of depth, and was outdamaging me enough that it was clear I wasn't going to win. I drank a Murky Brown Potion and retreated to the stairs. Try to have a retreat plan if possible. Enemies that move exactly as fast as you do are enemies you can retreat from without being hit.

In terms of immediate tactics: fight as few enemies as you can at a time. Fighting two enemies in a corridor is better than fighting many enemies in the open. If you have one enemy on one side and three on another, kill the one first, because then you're only fighting the three one-on-one.

Something I haven't tried but I theorise might be helpful - when tweaking Sil-Q, I lowered enemy perception by a couple of points in early levels, and people have been saying it's much easier to survive the start of the game. The same effect could be achieved in Sil by spending 300 XP on Stealth at the start.

Finally, if you check out, you'll find other players there you can ask questions of and can play a game with them there watching and commenting on things you could do to improve.
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