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Originally Posted by nea View Post
Hello *,

I discovered Sil this week and I already love it. It's refreshingly different from the other roguelikes I've played over the years.

My fourth character has finally managed to stave off the early YASDs and has made it to 500ft in reasonable shape. I lost a lot of time on 450ft though, mostly due a prolonged fight against a huge Whispering Shadow infestation which had cut me off from all staircases. (My threat-o-meter really isn't calibrated to Sil yet -- on the one hand, I can get through a seemingly deadly fight against two Fire Drake Hatchlings, a Giant and a pack of Wargs unscathed, but on the other hand, seemingly harmless things regularily manage to whittle down my health.) I also suspect that I took two many abilities, sucking up valuable XP I should rather have put into my Melee skill.

I'm unsure about some other things, too:
  • I've been experimenting with the different weapons in my pack. Without the shield, the Bastard Sword gives a defense rating of +14 7-14, wielding the Battle Axe grants +10 7-18, and with the Greatsword it's +12 7-18. I understand why the evasion ratings differ, but I don't get why my armor rating is lower when I wield the Bastard Sword.
  • I'm currently wielding the Bastard Sword most of the time, but I'm considering to switch to the Battle Axe (and to drop the then-useless gloves). 3d8 + Follow-Through sounds awesome, but it'll reduce my evasion from +14 to +10. The second weak part of the axe seems to be its ridiculously low weight -- I'd have to take Momentum if I don't want to waste my Charge bonus.

  • I really need to make some room in my inventory. Any recommendations? I think I'll ditch the Longsword.
  • I've been wearing a Ring of Venom's End for a while, and I assume it helped me against the Distended Spiders I fought. But on the current floor, I replaced it with a Ring of Perception +2. Was that a bad decision?

EDIT: One more thing. I got frustrated with not having found even a single Brass Lantern, so even though I hadn't been planning to do any forging, I impulsively traded in 1500 XP and my Mithril Helmet for a Feanorian Lamp when I found a forge at 500ft. Was that a good idea?
Looking at your character, your current armour rating is 9-22. Removing the shield should make that 8-19? I think we need more details on how you're calculating your armour but the bastard sword should not affect your armour in any way.

Battle Axe weight is 5.0 lbs, same as your sword. Should be 3d9 one-handed, 3d11 with both hands. That's a lot more damage, but you're losing 4 evasion. It will depend a bit on your circumstances fight by fight.

You probably want to keep your shield up against raukar and dragons; I'd be inclined to ditch the greatsword rather than the (very good) longsword. Also throwing axes, herbs of terror and possibly slow poison.

Feanorian lamp is probably a good investment. Helps against light sensitive foes.

I think I would have been inclined to keep Venom's End over Perception.
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