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just some quick grinding before work.


6-6, a vault and a special room, the vault is the snail shell which i don't like as it takes forever to go around, and there's nothing aside from two Priest5. The room has Beorn, The Shapechanger which drops nothing, a crown of the magi, and in another room a Priest7.


more grinding, i meekly reach CL34 359hp 199sp by racking up small kills. Otherwise useless 4-3 level.


Just Smaug The Golden on an otherwise unremarkable 5-3 cave level. I kill smaug mostly through melee, but he's a harmless. 2 cash drops.




small vault, the one with 8 rooms. Two treasures and no notable mobs.

The Pendant of Hatil

+3 Stealth
rFire rDark rNether pBlind FF FA Digestion

not terrible, but not something i'll even bother saving a home slot for.

The Flail Of Mandil (4d6) (+8,+21)

+3 Spd, Slay dragon trolls evil
Weak poison brand, rCold, pFear, FA.

i'll store it for now but will probably sell it. Actually, scratch that, i'll just sell it.

DL50 again





i decide to finally kill my first vampire lord of the game, and the payoff is that he drops a potion of Aug.

(Deep Descent)


not much, i do find medusa who summons a rather large number of hydras compared to what she normally does, and i even have to quaff a Restore Mana potion and a few CCW, but eventually she dies, dropping Resistances OF Scarabatrice.

Of which i only bother to learn Resistance and Shield.

level feeling 4-4, and my friends are calling me to play Quake - i recall.
"i can take this dracolich"
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