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DL66 again

i've since been playing a Rogue who's been doing very well, and i didn't want to get back to Mage without warmup ..

I recall next to a Priest7. I haven't does any notable resting on this game, but have otherwise been rather lucky with Augmentation.

Near by is Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir. There are no other mobs nearby, so this is a perfect occasion to kill him. I start with Haste and Slow, and he loses a star to each single Rend Soul. It's over very quickly and i don't even need any CCW.
He drops :

The Trident Of Tureg (1d) (+22,+9)

+5 INT, +4 Spd.
*Slay undead/demons, slay troll. weak lightning brand.
rFire, FF, SI.

cash drop.

Later on i find The Balrog Of Moria, in an otherwise meek 7-5 level.
I don't have Mordekainen's, so no Rune. Which would be nice to block him. In the end, i handle him poorly an di use several CCW. Another Ethereal Dragon nearby costs another 4, so i'm down to 12 CCW. I might have to rest-scum some more from town . For my trouble, i get another Raal's, 2 DD, and a ring of speed +10 (cursed). The curses turn out to be steelskin, cowardice, and siren, all 56. No chance.

Deep Descent ...
"i can take this dracolich"
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