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EDIT apparently this isn't my first warrior win. I had one where i found a ring of +2 blows that i had forgotten about.

my first warrior win. Also, the first win where i didn't massively scum the BM - i didn't rest-spam until the very last fight, to reset my rods of healing, and once before that for my rod of restoration.

Lucky as i found rather quickly a set of gear that covered pretty much all my resists, and then later on a artifact Dragon Armor. Also lucky in finding two big-dice weapons, one for 555 vs all, and another with 1350 vs undead and demons; this is the first time i ever carried a swap.
I also carried another swap, the Longbow you see here, for fire immunity, but i mostly carried a Sling that did a crapload of damage and has lightning brand, and was also my only source of Satisfy Hunger.

Most of the early game was done without any basic resists, but i did have a rapier that gave me +5 speed and i then found some boots +6.

Very easy game, everything just seemed to fit into place. Probably my lowest turncount by far.

Did not have SI until the very end. I even took out Q without SI, bonking him but not being able to see him. And he summoned almost nothing, and he was in a ridiculous spot in a corridor that i tunnelled to.

I did meet him once before, or so i think, because i started seeing just about every.unique.ever pop out of thin air. Grossly OOD too.
"i can take this dracolich"

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