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I just finished a winner with the new Ranger. The spells in the dungeon book are very buggy and (perhaps because of the bugs) too powerful.

Placing a decoy can cause a monster to move back and forth, never advancing, never using ranged attacks, while you fill it with arrows. I killed many (most?) of the high-level uniques this way. Only tunnelers and pass-wall monsters seem to be immune. Even Sauron just danced side to side while I used him as a pincushion, never attacked, never summoned, never teleported...

There seems to be some state issues going on as well. I found that it was necessary to haste before placing a decoy, otherwise haste cancels the decoy every time. Hide tracks also cancels decoys, but I only tried it once (didn't see much utility for it), so I don't know if it always cancels or only sometimes, or if the cancellation would go the other direction.
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