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Well, that's your tolerance for boredom, I think. I would probably stop well before half an hour. I doubt I would be able to go through 5 minutes of boring gameplay. As for killing things, incidental or accidental kills, possibly using devices, will take you through at least clvl 20 or so. The last time I played a mage, I was, despite my hard diving strategy, gated far more by access to books, which is regulated by dlvl, than by clvl or even mana supply, which are gated behind clvl.

The vast majority of monsters are negligible. This includes the monsters guarding floor items, with the possible exception of special rooms with a particular monster density. Even so, V allows you to generate arbitrary items of acceptable dlvl by killing groups of weak monsters.

Hp matters in terms of avoiding instadeath scenarios. Not enough to justify killing monsters for the XP.

Like I said, there's nothing wrong with level-clearing or scumming as strategies. They are a function of tolerance for boredom and a preference for proportion of wins over time to win. They are (in a game with max 5 levels OoD monsters) entirely reasonable ways to play the game, with a particular set of motivations.
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