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what does starlight DO ?

i've been playing this game now for what, 2 years straight, and i still cannot tell you what Starlight does.

I used to think scrolls of Teleport Level and Deep Descent were cursed items and would squelch them right away, and yet i've come to know better - but still i cannot find a use for Starlight. I can make use of Trap Creation (trapdoors), Summon Monsters (easy exp), i've learned to appreciate the finer aspects of the game (of sorts) but .. WHAT DOES STARLIGHT DO.

Is it supposed to be a buffed staff of light? Because it's not, it doesn't light up rooms.
Is it supposed to be a buffed WAND of light? I suppose it could be, but less charges and no real use for the additional beams. I'm thinking it's supposed to hurt light-sensitive monsters, but the awkward activation makes it marginally more useful than a simple DL1 wand of light, that weights more and has less charges.

Unless you have a whoooole bunch of orcs all surrounding you, in which case GG.
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