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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
Once you get to 18/50 str and 180+ lbs of inventory it is accurate, and I daresay even most mages manage that before 2500'. Randart generation should certainly be in the context that includes more than half of the dungeon. Earlier on, weight should perhaps cost more, but that is mitigated a bit by a certain amount of weight for free. Since I think you are arguing that this is too big a penalty, your position seems confused to me. I can imagine no reasonable alternative to 30 lb = -1 speed. That should apply to weapons as well, of course.
Hmmmkay - though in the second half of the dungeon you often have some sort of permanent speed item (e.g. AoTrickery if not boots or randart or OoD ring) - and -1 speed is *much* less of a penalty if you are at (say) +3 speed than if you are at +0.

That said, I'm perfectly happy to use a rule of thumb that 30lbs of weight is equivalent to -6 power (since +1 speed is +6 power). That would mean we ought to subtract 1 power point for every 5lbs, which would start to affect things like iron helms (-1.5) and heavy boots. That's if we think weight is linear, of course. I'll start there and see how that affects things.
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