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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
For those who like tiles and have tried Un or FA with double and triple size tile support, here is a windows port of latest Vanilla with that support added (and a lot of other files you can ignore, because I was too lazy to remove them). Comments encouraged.
I'll whack that support into the SDL version when I get around to tidying and rearranging the SDL frontend code. (probably in the new year, when I have time and this support is added to the main angband source, and there's no reason why it shouldn't)

On a slightly related point, I was looking at ticket #230 and was wondering whether you could go further and have a window for the top message line as well, meaning you could set the tile size to whatever you want. Probably a lot of work though since that top line is hard coded by getcom() and more...

Having the main term window only display graphics has a few other advantages for more elaborate displays:
An isometric view would involve little to no code changes to the main code, since the frontend would just tell angband that the term size was 256x256 or whatever max dungeon size is, and all updates get sent to the frontend.
I've always had in the back of my mind an OpenGL version which would be, well, interesting....

This combined with transparent subwindows which can be displayed on top of the main display could bring a much more modern look to angband.

Maybe it's all a bit 'pie in the sky', but certainly food for thought...

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