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Originally Posted by scud View Post
Sorry if this is already 'ticketed', but being <s>young</s> new I can't find the bug reporting...

With OS X rev 9c5ac7e7ec a Scroll of Restore Item can only be applied to restorable items (sounds fair) but this has the effect of highlighting unidentified restorable items, eg those two unknown-but-restorable rings in my neophyte's pack turned out to to be Dog and Mouse. Would it have done the same with a cursed stealth or infravision item? Once applied to that item, would that item become a '+0' and simply cease to exist?!

I now wear a Dex+4 / Stealth +2 Mouse and a (+3/+3) Dog, which in combination take my trident from an average per round of 19.8 up to 35.8.

Scroll of Restore Item is *too* nice.
It should have the same price and rarity as ?*REMOVE_CURSE*, and even then I'd still complain.

It completely ruins the idea of mixed blessings. Instead, you have superior items that require a trick to use. Might as well play nethack.
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