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It may well be that Derakon's idea is the right choice for Vanilla!

Rebooting stats so that they can be used for shaping different character concepts would require radical changes to the game, and I don't think people want Vanilla Angband to change that much. For example, my idea doesn't really fly if every character eventually maximizes all stats.

But the benefits are huge, too. Here's an example of the various possible warrior or rogue builds in FayAngband:

You probably want to take a high score in either STR (heavy weapons) or DEX (light weapons). You may want to take high scores in both stats: it makes you more flexible in the choice of weapons, but doesn't really boost your combat skills that much. Actually taking just average scores in both STR and DEX is okay, too -- you'll do just fine if you find a good medium weight weapon.

All the other stats are quite equal in importance. Put your ability points where you want!
  • INT for Mapping and Alchemy, both really useful skills. It also affects Lore, which lets you identify objects.
  • WIS for Perception and Saving Throw, also essential skills. It also affects Lore.
  • CHR for Magic Device skill, wand (and spell) range, and cheaper prices.
  • CON for hitpoints.

It's almost as if you were playing Sangband! Even better, in this stat-based system your equipment choices become more interesting.

For spellcasters the only thing that changes is that you probably want a high score in your spell stat. That's a no-brainer in Fay. Otherwise the choices are pretty much the same as for non-spellcasters.

As Derakon suggested, I have considered renaming my mental stats. Perhaps Logic, Awareness, and Aura?

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