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That list is just a regurgitation of the conventional wisdom of the times, which advocated a very defensive playstyle in which every action that could possibly prolong the character's life must be taken, no matter how paranoid. It's functionally useless. The important things to remember about Angband aren't depth numbers, but rather which enemies can kill you. For example, homunculi and carrion crawlers can paralyze you in melee, so avoid them until you get Free Action. Drolems have a max-damage poison breath (and ancient multihued dragons are no slouch either), so stay away from them until you have poison resistance. And so on.

Also, many of the resistances that TANG (The Angband Newbie Guide, which is probably where you got that list of depths) lists as being "required" are anything but. Here are the resistances that I would consider you to absolutely want to have by the endgame, in rough order of priority.

Free Action

That's it. Everything else can be worked around or done without -- and you could probably go without poison too if you were really careful. Of the remainder, the most desirable to have would probably be ordered something like this:

Confusion (debilitating)
Blindness (if you have this and confusion then you don't need staff-based escapes)
Nether (reduces damage of many lategame attacks)
Disenchantment (for the sheer annoyance factor) (unless playing a ranged character)
Chaos (rare, but will mess you up especially if you lack confusion protection)
Darkness (mitigates Darkness Storm and darkness breath, which are occasionally nasty)
Everything else
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