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You can look all those up in the edit files. There should be a "lib" directory with your copy of Angband, in which is an "edit" directory, which should have an "object.txt" file that contains the definitions for all objects in the game. Each object should have a line that looks something like "A:40:1 to 100". That means that the item has allocation frequency of 40 and is native to depths 1 through 100 (that's the allocation for potions of Speed). The larger the allocation frequency, the more likely the item is to show up; there's also an additional out-of-depth check if the level is wrong for the item (e.g. trying to get a potion of Experience on dlvl 1). Of course, vaults, out-of-depth monsters, and the like affect the item level and thus make it easier to generate out-of-depth items.
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