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Summons are toned down a bit in v4 compared to previous versions. They're still pretty powerful though. Right now summoning power is based on the summoning monster and the level that the summon is from.

The summon power is the product of the monster level and the current dungeon level. A summoned monster is given a power rating of its level squared. Monsters that normally come in groups get a discount and their power rating is divided by 16, which is roughly an average group size. If the sum of all summoned monster powers is more than the power of the summon spell no more monsters are summoned. So the first monster can be arbitrarily powerful, but you only get one of them.

There's no reason that the summoning algorithm can't be tweaked further, and I would love suggestions about how to do this better.

Also for the record. I hate spawned monsters. I feel that the player should be able to actually clear a level. spawned monsters are too frequent and limit what a player can tactically do to keep the level terrain in their favor. At the very least, I don't see any reason that spawned monsters should be automatically awake.

There was once a patch that had an unlimited house. I played games with it. I agree that inventory slot management is fun, but house slot management is boring. Furthermore it's not friendly to the people who haven't memorized the ego and artifact list (nevermind new players).
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