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Originally Posted by will_asher View Post
I just thought I'd try out this game. I have nothing against bad graphics, but if you do have bad graphics, you should not have a long graphical introduction. Then I pressed create world and sat there about five minutes watching it before I quit the program. How can a game be addictive when you have to sit there doing nothing but watching it create the world for over five minutes at the beginning of every game?
5 minutes is not that long to wait for the countless hours of fun that each world you generate will give you

I figured out a way to solve my water problem - the water was flowing in really, really slow (it was winter and the river froze) so I had my dwarves dig another room and then channel down from the room above it to make a well of sorts. I also had to do a ton of construction to save the original top room from getting flooded, but I managed it. Now I have all the water stopped off and when I need some, I'll let a certain amount into my new well by opening then shutting the gate. I love that this game lets you do stuff like that.

Still figuring out lots of basics though, such as, how the hell can I make an animal pen that my livestock will stay in? Right now they've all just flocked to my meeting room and they're running around there breeding like crazy. I did slaughter a bunch of them (including puppies) for meat, but I want to keep SOME.
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