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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
I am impressed with the decision to remove many of the utility spells such as detect traps/doors/stairs (it comes late enough that it really doesn't matter too much anymore).
I think the utility spells are absolutely critical to any kind of strategic gameplay and don't come too late at all. I use them (especially detect traps, doors, and stairs) constantly, at every phase of the game. It's vastly better to carry one spellbook with the basic detects in it than several items to detect each thing separately.

* Detecting traps allows you to avoid losing a promising level to a trapdoor or a vital spellbook to a burst of flames.

* Detecting doors gives you some idea of the layout of rooms ahead of you and helps predict what rooms might be pits or vaults, without actually having to reveal everything all at once. (I hate mapping because I track my progress through a level based on how much of it is visible.)

* Detecting stairs allows you to quickly escape a level that's not promising or too dangerous -- and gives you the choice of whether to go up or down, which can be really key in the early stages in particular.

* Detecting monsters is indispensable for determining strategy, deciding whether to break into a vault or not, and generally keeping yourself alive. Is that a kobold pit or a jelly pit behind that door? Orcs, or undead?

* Detecting treasure/objects is useful in much the same ways as detecting monsters -- is there anything in there worth fighting for or should I just skip that pit? Buried treasure is much more important when selling objects is turned off as well. If I'm starving to death, I want to know where the nearest food is and fast.

And that's just what occurs to me off the top of my head.
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