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My "old honda >> new honda" commiseration: I still drive a '99 CR-V. Mine looks like crap because I've let the paint job go, but even so I regularly get people stopping me in parking lots saying how much they love the old CR-V's.

I played a little D&D when I was pretty young (~10-12- and a little bit later). Also some sci-fi game with hex grid that I've forgot it's name. I had a small group of friends kind of like in Stranger Things. I moved out of state in 6th grade. There was a D&D club at my new school but it wasn't the same, and I didn't stick with it. Read a lot of fantasy, sci-fi, stephen king in middle/high school. I re-read LOTR and Hobbit a lot, but I don't think I got into Silmarillion and other writings until college. Most video-gaming was on 1st gen Nintendo.

Sophomore year got introduced to Angband, and yeah, I think I connected with it a lot for the nods to Tolkien. The treasure-hunty feel in general, and of finding artifacts and uniques in particular, after having recently read Silmarillion to figure out who Fingolfin and Feanor were, was pretty great. I didn't have a mac version of Angband, so I had to play on my housemates' pc machines- i had my own copy on a 3.5" disk. We played some Doom, also Warlords and Dune, plus Magic cards.

Stranger Things definitely turns the nostalgia up to 11, but the Duffer bros pull it off in my opinion because the story and acting are so good that the atmosphere adds and doesn't step to the foreground too much. It's interesting because I think the Duffers are closer to your age, but they somehow tapped into the childhood experiences of people a few years older.

I'm not sure I'd say Tolkien is underappreciated. Everything in fantasy is compared to him and Middle Earth. Game of Thrones is nothing like LOTR but GRRMartin gets called the Next Tolkien or some b.s. It's hard to put a finger on why Tolkien has such staying power- the stories and writing are far from perfect but there's something so convincing about the world that it feels like it's an important part of our real world history rather than a crafted experience.
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