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Originally Posted by tangar View Post
Previously dev's already fixed similar bug, when it was possible to map only 128 or so symbols... and now there is problem only with other symbols, like 16-31 symbols, so it still could be a bug in code.
Well being able to map 255 chars instead of 127 = bug with char/byte, that's obvious. But not being able to map #157? Why not #158 instead? That's too random to be a bug in the code, unless there's a hardcoded table somewhere... I've looked at ASCII tables and those unmappable chars (except the ones below 32 which are system chars and shouldn't be remapped anyway) are not different from their neighbors (for example: you have one accented "i" that cannot be remapped while all other accented "i"s can). That's why I was suggesting looking at the font file and see what character was at position #157 to be sure it's not a special one. An easy way to tell is to use different font files from different countries and see if the unmappable chars are at same position.
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