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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
After feedback on whether to keep any of the following;
  • N:260:Woe
  • N:261:Aggravation
  • N:262:Weakness
  • N:263:Stupidity
  • N:302: DOOM
  • N:322:Curse Armor
  • N:323:Curse Weapon
  • N:333:*Identify* (reconverted to id all runes)
  • N:368:Elemental Attacks(this was broken in FA, don't know about O)
  • N:395:Ruination
  • N:396:Weakness
  • etc

with vanilla id.
Unequivocally bad equipment and consumables make ID-by-use too risky to attempt. That's why modern Vanilla's cursed gear is mixed-blessing instead. I'd leave the bad gear out. *Identify* and Elemental Attacks might possibly be worth keeping. The use case for *Identify* is a little odd -- you'd want to use it on an item with a lot of unknown runes, I guess. Elemental Attacks I assume brands your melee with an element? That used to be on Vanilla's Rings of Acid/Fire/etc. and was removed because it made certain weapons (particularly the Glaive of Pain) much too powerful.

Edit2: Perhaps healers & master rogues? Maybe master rogue should leave level when it steals? Is there an easy way to do that?
You can find the code that handles the EAT_GOLD hit effect, and change it to invoke the Banishment effect on the monster after gold is stolen. I believe this simply amounts to deleting the monster from the level.
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