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Hey, thanks for the quick answer!
This is the first time I play around with the mechanics of a game, and I'm here to learn - these things are interesting to me. Just trying to say, I don't mean to annoy or pester!
With that said, here are a few annoying and pestering questions for you:

My understanding of the concept of "balance", in a game like Angband, is: "the game should not become too easy for the player too quickly." Am I correct?
The one thing I dislike about Angband, is that balance (if my definition of it is correct) seems to be achieved primarily via extreme scarcity of good items in the earlier levels.
But as a consequence of this, isn't it supremely frustrating to play for a while in the initial stages of a game, especially for more "fragile" players like high-elf mages for example?
Speaking of balance, isn't the early game a bit imbalanced *against* weaker classes?
Balance in games should go hand in hand with the game being "interesting". For me, the definition of an "interesting" game is "a game where luck and boring grind play only a small role, and success comes with mostly skill on the player's part."
True, in Angband mages become basically tanks in the later game, but you need quite a bit of luck AND grind early on, to survive long enough and manage to get some good items. As a player I like the challenge, but when too much luck and/or too much grind is needed to succeed, games become frustrating - basically the opposite of "interesting".

So, is there anything that could be done to make the early game more "interesting"?
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