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That .. is a very bad idea.

Loot -6 at DL1 means a longbow of power, or a thanc dagger, a wand of fireball, or so. These should exist, but by no means should they be guaranteed.

If, from a practical aspect, you have -6 loot on every DL from 1 to 20, by the time you are at dl20 you are ready to enter the endgame.

Even a sling of power is an OP item when you start. Stuff like longbow of extra shots or of might means you can just waltz through 30 levels.

With normal distribution, you would get maybe 2~4 loot 6 levels between DL1 and DL20. Reaching DL20 with a thanc, phial, decent armor, and maybe 1-2 ood drops is ok. Reaching it with 20+ loot 6 drops trivializes the game, to the point where ... no, just no.
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