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@t4nk, I just did that, see above

Btw we don't seem to have any graphics, it still shows up in ASCII mode with the skeletons as background.

I did try -
~/games/angband-t4nk074$ ./angband -g -ssdl -msdl2
Also angband doesn't seem to have any options for windowed mode from what all I could see/gather -

$ ./angband --help
Usage: angband [options] [-- subopts]
  -n             Start a new character (WARNING: overwrites default savefile without -u)
  -l             Lists all savefiles you can play
  -w             Resurrect dead character (marks savefile)
  -g             Request graphics mode
  -x<opt>        Debug options; see -xhelp
  -u<who>        Use your <who> savefile
  -d<dir>=<path> Override a specific directory with <path>. <path> can be:
    scores (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/scores)
    gamedata (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/gamedata)
    screens (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/screens)
    help (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/help)
    info (default is /home/shirish//.angband/Angband/info)
    pref (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/customize)
    fonts (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/fonts)
    tiles (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/tiles)
    sounds (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/sounds)
    icons (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/icons)
    user (default is /home/shirish//.angband/Angband)
    save (default is /home/shirish/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/save)
                 Multiple -d options are allowed.
  -s<mod>        Use sound module <sys>:
     sdl   SDL_mixer sound module
  -m<sys>        Use module <sys>, where <sys> can be:
     sdl2   SDL2 frontend
Also for the mixer, shouldn't it be sdl2_mixer. I haven't been able to hear any sound

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