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why does angband still use .fon files ?

I was looking at -
~/games/angband-master/lib/fonts$ ls
10x14xb.fon  12x18x.fon  16x24x.fon  6x12x.fon   7x13xb.fon  8x12x.fon  8x8xb.fon   9x15x.fon
10x14x.fon   12x24x.fon  5x8x.fon    6x13xb.fon  7x13x.fon   8x13x.fon  8x8x.fon    Makefile
10x20x.fon   16x16x.fon  6x10x.fon   6x13x.fon   8x12xb.fon  8x16x.fon  9x15xb.fon
I remembered that font files used to be a thing during windows 3.11. Looking up on the web, for sure they are windows era fonts

There are so many foss fonts nowadays . Just to ideate there are 514 packages (font number will be higher in Debian) .

See -

$ aptitude search fonts | wc -l
It would be nice if we can move from .fon to either .ttf or .otf or .off fonts depending upon people's tastes.

They also will work better on mobiles and SBC's if it were deployed as most platforms have support for all three font formats shared.
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