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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
It turns out to be a performance penalty to use tiles instead of glyphs.
Do you have any proof of that? Glyphs, as displayed on monitors, are pictures. If they are pictures to begin with (like in .fon files), they're tilesets. If they're something else (say, Bezier curves, like in .ttf files), then transorming them into pictures (rasterizing) requires additional work*.

You can see the difference when running and sometimes on redraws.
I can, except in the opposite direction: the difference is that pre-rasterizing glyphs of vector fonts and making an in-memory tileset improves performance noticeably (e.g., main-sdl2.c:make_font_cache()).

* which is, btw, not trivial and can involve such things are running bytecode on a virtual machine (part of so-called "hinting")...
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